Chatter Live for Non-Profits

Expand your donor base and reach beyond your fundraising goals.

Livestream your charitable cause while easily engaging with your donors in real time on your website.

Enjoy a rewarding fundraising experience.

Easy Set-Up

Own Your Data

No Upfront Costs

Fundraising made simple on your website

Streamline your fundraising efforts and reach your donors both locally and globally on your website using the Chatter Live streaming window, real time chat feed, and donation features.

With Chatter Live you are no longer forced to send your donors to third party platforms to support your non-profit. Retain your donor data and prevent third party platforms from re-targeting your donors with ads and messaging not related to your cause.

Own your data with the best livestreaming solution that gives you complete control on your website .

Drive More Donations

Own Your Data

Control The Experience

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